New End User Accounts for Marin HMIS

Clarity Human Services: New User Training

All Clarity Human Services users are required to complete the Clarity General training and Marin County Privacy and Security Training before they will be granted access to the system. As of 12/1/22, all new users must take an additional privacy and security training now required by Marin County's Whole Person Care (WPC) and complete this form verifying that the additional training has been completed. If you have any questions about the additional privacy and security training required by WPC, please reach out to

Upon completion of all 3 trainings, users should contact their Agency Lead, including their signed privacy and security training form, and the Agency Lead will reach out to Bitfocus to request a new user account. Agency Leads are expected to attach the signed copy of this document and copy when reaching out to Bitfocus to create new users. If this document is not signed, or is not copied on the new user request email from the Agency Lead, Bitfocus will not create the new user account. Once the account has been set-up, the user will receive log-in credentials from the Bitfocus Help Desk. For more information on signup/registration and completion please click HERE.

Clarity Human Services Frequently Asked Questions 

We're excited to offer this FAQ course! Our sole intent in offering this course is to get your answers quickly, efficiently, and in a way that is easy to learn. Here we answer questions that would typically result in a ticket through our Help Desk. We find that offering these resources ad hoc gives our users the ability to find answers quickly.


Coordinated Entry Access 

Users who will be doing work related to Coordinated Entry are required to complete one or more Coordinated Entry training(s) depending on their role with Coordinated Entry, before they will be granted access to the Coordinated Entry Agency. There are three trainings that can be found on the Coordinated Entry Training page.

  • Assessor Training- must be completed by users who will be administering the VI-SPDAT assessments.
  • Matchmaker Training- users who will be making referrals to programs during case conferencing (as part of Coordinated Entry) will need to complete this training. *Note- there are a limited number of matchmakers in Marin. Most users with this level of access and who complete this workflow, are Marin Housing Authority staff.
  • Provider Training- must be completed by housing staff who will be processing referrals made to their housing or shelter programs.

Users should inform their Agency Lead once they have completed the applicable training. The Agency Lead will need to request additional agency access to the Coordinated Entry Agency by contacting the Bitfocus Help Desk.*Please note: a user account is required if the user does not yet have one. 


Training & Support Plan

Bitfocus, Inc. provides current information and training about best practices for using Clarity Human Services software and relevant updates to meet funder expectations in collaboration with Marin County’s Department of Health and Human Services, and other key partners. Ongoing training helps to ensure data accuracy, user satisfaction, and high-quality client services.

Please register for training series by visiting the Marin County HMIS Events page.


Additional Trainings

Marin HMIS Training Dashboard: Visit Marin's Training Dashboard to find all available Marin-specific trainings from Bitfocus.